Digital Marketing


I have been in the Information Technology field for 40 years and have handled software projects for many verticals with multiple teams on different generations of computers and different types of the database but never thought that technology will change to this extent that sitting at home you can manage projects, and earn a fortune.

Today you can communicate with voice or video and be present virtually anywhere in the world. Technology has made things possible which no one has thought a few years ago. I am actually surprised that today thousands of people are earning millions of dollars sitting at home with one laptop and internet connection.

Concepts like online shopping, online transactions, online meetings, showing your business presence globally through website, servicing different professionals/community through a portal, and online marketing are our present and this has made things easy for everyone.

Newer technology has touched upon everyone in many ways so much so that even in rural areas transactions, shopping, are done online so going Digital is the way for everyone nowadays and hereafter.

Blogging is a new trend started a few years ago to make visitors know about their interests and on various subjects trending. Blogging sites gives knowledge on every subject you want to know about.